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Our hair is the crowning glory we never take off so let’s give it the best care we can with a range of natural hair products to give it a boost of shiny confidence. Why go natural on hair care? Well, there are a host of benefits you’ll love as ditching hair care products that contain harmful chemicals will be good for your hair. Harsh ingredients found in regular hair care products can irritate the scalp. When you use naturally derived hair products, it gently cleanses and protects your hair without stripping away its natural oils!


Also, when you opt for natural hair products, you’ll experience shinier, healthier, softer and more gorgeous hair in the long run. Your hair will definitely thank you for this lovely treat. It doesn’t matter if you have chemically treated or natural hair. Natural hair care products are suitable for all hair types. If luscious, head-turning locks has always been one of your #HairCareGoals, then it’s time to give Sailajah a try. A homegrown brand straight out of Malaysia, our passion lies in catering to the wellbeing of our customers from top to toe with innovative and all-natural products that will suit each and every one of your needs.




A surreal solution to give your tresses a new lease of life. Sailajah Hair Treatment Serum contains 14 types of herbal oil extracts to keep haircare troubles at bay and give your hair the pomp and splendour it deserves.


What can I use this for?


l  Hairfall

l  Hair breakage

l  Uncontrollable frizz

l  Thinning hair

l  Dandruff

l  Split ends

l  Dry scalp

l  All hair types


How do I use this?


l  After washing, dry your hair gently with a towel.

l  Apply 1-2 pumps of the serum as needed and massage throughout your hair from root to tip

l  Leave it in. Do not rinse.

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