Malawang Freeze Dried Lemongrass Green Tea 冻干香茅绿茶粉


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5 in stock

Vacuum Freeze Drying Tehnology (FD) is the most advance food preservation technology available in the market. Vacuum Freeze Dried is by quick freeze the fresh food, the product is then send in to a low vacuum, low temperature chamber to subtime the ice to the gaseous stage. Freeze dried retain most of the structure, smell, taste, colour and nutrient of the fresh food.
Lemongrass contains a lot of great benefits such as:
* Helps Digestions
* Fights Cancer
* Controls Cholesterol Levels
* Cleanses and Detoxifies
* Helps Colds and Flu
* Keeps Skin Healthy
* Reduces Arthritis Pain
* Benefits New Mothers
* Reduces Body Odor
* Fights Depression

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